Monday, December 7, 2015

While this post serves as a pre-post announcement to a planned newsletter, I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you for stopping by.

In writing, I am wrapping up projects to be sent out by year's end, accomplishing some of my goals where other short goals have been accomplished. See my other blog here The Writing Vineyard for an update on that!

If you would like to be interviewed or have an announcement for a new book release, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to post it for you in The Writing Vineyard
I love marketing and sales.

Resumes - Do you need a resume for that new career you have had your heart set on?  Changing jobs?  Feel free to contact me via email at for a consultation.

There is nothing more joyous than to see a smile on a client's face when they call me to let me know, they got the job!  ;)  Of course it wasn't me who got you the job, it was your skills and mind set to be determined enough to succeed and to have faith in me for organizing your talent.

To those who have rendered my expedient, reliable and professional services via email, I thank you. Please feel free to pass on a good word, the best advertisement around the globe. To those who are waiting for free services, i.e., book review, be patient.

Articles -  Are you in need of an article or sales letter for your business, your website, blog or newsletter?  Let's communicate.

Contact me for a consultation via email for your new year project.  

Need help or maybe just another eye to proofread and edit those fine details.  Or perhaps you just don't have the time to write or edit. That is where I can be of service to you.

You see writing is my life, my journey, my passion and editing is the process of writing to fine tune the message you want to deliver.  Persuasive?  No Problem.  Informative?  Excellent! 

Let's get started on your project today!

Freelance -  I freelance part-time, so that makes more time for you and the writing that you need.  While I don't have a paid website this year, and my advertising costs are at a minimal, this leaves much more room for writing for you and keeping costs as reasonable as possible while delivering quality work.  I am not one of those run of the mill workers writing for peanuts and simply refuse to become one.  After all, doesn't that kind of destroy the integrity of what freelancing is all about?  I stake my ground and claim my space in the entrepreneurial world, where free enterprise is genuine, yet not free.

I specialize in being a generalist and capable of multiple tasks, assignments, transcription and topics having 40+ years experience working in various industries, public and private sector.

On the light side ...

The hustle and bustle of the month of December is so full of joy, and lots to be checked off the already 'to do' list.  So many books waiting to be read, reviews, writing, and spending joyous time with family and friends, not to mention my local writing group  and the several writing loops I occasionally visit.

Baking - My muse and I have been inspired by the spirit of the season and busy decorating and preparing to Christmas cookies, our favorite beginning next week.  :)  I will be sure to post some picks once they are baked and ready to be gifted out to the ones I love, family and friends.

Decorating - The wild crafting has begun in the warmer afternoons, gathering pine cones, pine and cedar branches to make fresh wreaths to deck the halls and give the gift of giving.

"The Mistletoe has been hung." Added the Muse.  ;)  xx

And then my muse came up with an idea that really, has been done, year after year, yet no year is complete without your very own do it yourself Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! 

See here.  I just love it when a plan comes together!  :)

Of course having a cedar tree farm growing in your own yard is a plus.  While I don't sell the trees there is a nursery of baby cedar trees just waiting to be cared for and properly grown, while others will be donated to family and friends as a gift of life.

Tis the season and my muse and I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  No matter how you celebrate it!

Shopping - Haven't finished your shopping yet?  No problem.  My non-writing website allows you to shop at your convenience and the guaranteed products can be shipped right to your door while there is still time.  Stocking stuffers, memorabilia, what's your story.  You can now tell your story and have it live on forever in a living locket.  Necklaces, bracelets, wraps, watches, hey chains, charms!  It's all in the charm, baby!  ;)  Enjoy your shopping here and let me know if you have any difficulties.  I am here to help you and am your Independent Jewelry Designer #200652598.  My website is

If you would like an invitation to my Ugly Sweater Facebook party, send me an email: and I will invite you to the Private event.  There's still time to shop!

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