Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring back into life, breathe and paint your own story

Welcome back!  We are so happy you are here.  We have lots to catch up on.

Muse:  Whispers

Me:  What's that Muse?

Muse:  Whispers again.  "I am busy painting my own story".

Me:  Oh, what a splendid idea!  :)  Please, pass the brush.

Spring has arrived with all its' new beginnings.  I love new beginnings. Don't You?

It's time to wipe the slate clean, reorganize, and blossom.  Winter's rest is a muses planning time. If your Muse is anything like mine, then you are in for a surprise because the seeds reaped from the sow of the Muse can be quite rewarding.

For instance, mine is busy now, painting her own story.  And my story is painted by the words below:

"Songbirds fill the air while the beauty of nature takes over the sky, the clouds, the earth, mystified by its fragrant aromatherapy.  It's everywhere.  An intoxicating scent taking over your six senses right now: to hear; to see; to feel; to smell; to taste what nature has to offer and believe in your intuition."

"I was staring out into the forest and observed this very spring day, and with each new day forward, the picture gets greener and greener, much like a paint by numbers scenario."

"I had to laugh with the humor of spring.  It's only natural.  Keep it light."

Muse:  ahahahahah

Me:  Ahem  .. clearing throat, and  smiles ...

"So next I observed the sketches of bare wintered trees standing tall to lay as a backdrop so the scattered flowered dogwood and peach blossoms could show off and hint. Whites, pink and lilac dotted the bare trees announcing a change in the forest, much like an unfinished painting waiting to be filled with more color, more life."

"Add into the mix of  mouthwatering colors the patches of daffodils against green grass, crocus popping up from it, forsythia enliven it, wildflowers here and there and the beautiful azalea. The color palette is filled now with primary colors, extending out into hues and variations of yellows, blues, greens, lilac, pink, purple, fuchsia, lavender, reds and whites, and a wonderful spring to life picture dotted against a new forest young in mint green budding leaves is your natural spring picture."

Hello Spring its about time.  Hello Muse, I am so glad you have returned with Spring.

Muse:  Hello and it's a pleasure to be back.  I have so much to tell you.  You'be better grab a notepad and perhaps another ... giggle... A sketchpad, a few canvas and lots of mediums.  Yes, that's it, we have lots of work to do, we have a stories to paint!  :)

Me:  Sounds like a plan to Me.  Let me continue...

"I believe this is the most natural way to study art because the sketch and perception is already there, outlined before your eyes.   Add more color as it comes naturally, choose your favorite sunrise or sunset, in the background and stick with it (because of shading light and dark).  Soon the forest will be full of lush deep green shade and paths of curiosity allowing the imagination to run wild and free."

"Add a patch of daffodils or a line of forsythia bushes, followed by the pink, red, lilac and white of Azalea and would not be complete without tulips, crocus, wildflowers, cherry and peach blossoms. What do we have?  Complete Wysteria! A maze or collage of spring flowers ready to decorate a home or office".

Muse:  That was wonderful.  Claps hands....

Me:  Thank you. The list is endless, but don't wait too long, Mother Nature doesn't stop. 

Do you have an idea for a spring story? Warmer weather and longer days of sun filled creativity awaits behind the showers of April.

Muse:  And what will you be doing with all your creativity?

Me:  (FORWARNING - Use it or she'll zap it back)  Ssshhhh!

My muse and I agree:  Whether (no pun intended) its words or pictures, everyone needs to paint their own story no matter how big or small.

I love taking my easel out into nature and choosing a setting, letting the imagination run wild. The only problem I have right now is choosing which new easel to purchase. I don't want to take out my stationary one so I've opted to purchase one on the go and I absolutely fell in love with the Muses' choice, this collection has everything I need!  Do you like it?  Thank you Muse!

Muse:  You're very welcome...:) *><*

Paint your story the way you want to.

Happy Spring!

Pamela Scott

P. S.  My Muse Made Me Do It!

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